Brew Deck Blonde Ale

5.5 % ABV, 15 IBU's

A light, crisp, and refreshing ale, our blonde is brewed with American 2-row barley, Centennial and Cascade hops, and a clean fermenting ale yeast.

Dutch Koyt

ABV 4.7% IBUs 20

One of the only true Dutch styles of beer, the Koyt was a mainstay of breweries in the Netherlands from 1400-1550. Koyt is a "three-grain" beer made with oats (45%), wheat (20%) and barley (35%) and is unique in its use of primarily oats in the mash. Oats were a less expensive grain in the Netherlands in the 15th century and were a more feasible alternative to barley in the brewing process. Moderate bite with a smooth finish, this ale provides some insight into what beer in the Netherlands might have been like in the 1400s.

Filipino Ube

5.3% ABV, 24 IBUs

What started out as a pale ale quickly transformed into something unexpected and special with the addition of one unique ingredient. The Ube (OOO-BAE) sweet potato is a staple in Filipino cuisine and is renowned for not only its flavor, but its vibrant purple color. This pale ale was made with sweet potatoes and Ube to try and capture some of the character of this fascinating ingredient. Finished with juicy Rakau hops from New Zealand, this is a truly special beer.


5.25% ABV 12 IBUs

Most people are familiar with a Hefeweizen style of beer. “Hefe” in German means yeast, and “weizen” means wheat, so a Hefeweizen is literally just a yeasty wheat beer. The yeast is what gives a Hefeweizen its traditional cloudy appearance. A Kristallweizen, on the other hand, is a clear wheat beer. It boasts the same unique flavor profile of a Hefeweizen, (banana, clove, orange, bubblegum) but is crystal clear. Slightly more refined and crisp than a traditional Hefe, please enjoy this excellent summer sipper!

Prairie Fire Red

4.8% ABV 18 IBUs

The Irish Red ale is often considered a gateway beer into craft brewing. Balanced and drinkable, this beer has moderate malt character, pleasant light hoppiness and is made more special with the addition of 50lbs of potatoes in the grist to lend an earthiness and depth of flavor.


8% ABV 25 IBUs

Valkyrie is our 2022 Pink Boots Society collaboration beer. A Norwegian style beer in the Voss Kveik tradition. Juniper infusions in the mash and sparge water, followed by a long boil and a recirculating step through a Texas Pecan log courtesy of Troy Swift, owner of Swift River Pecans. Fermented “blood warm” with Voss Kveik yeast for a citrusy, woodsy, Umami character. Hopped during the boil with the Pink Boots hop blend and dry-hopped post fermentation. A Texas take on a rustic Norwegian beer celebrating strong women everywhere.

Warped Window IPA

Hazy 6.6% ABV, 30 IBUs

Hops used: Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra, and Galaxy.

The Hazy or New England IPA (NEIPA) has its origins in a wonderful brewery in Vermont called The Alchemist. This style pushes hops far away from their typical use as a bittering ingredient and explores the lush juicy character they can bring to a beer when added late in the fermentation process. Our Hazy has nearly 3 lbs of hops per barrel, but only 8 ounces were added during the actual boil of the beer. The rest were added during knockout and during fermentation. Hops were added during the peak of active fermentation to allow the yeast to bio-transform some of the flavor compounds into something unique, and another healthy dose was added after fermentation was complete. Cloudy by design, this beer is a juice bomb!

Sway Rose

William Chris $6

"Winemakers Chris Brundrett, of William Chris Vineyards, and Andrew Sides, of Lost Draw Cellars, have joined forces to advance the reputation of Texas as a wine superpower! The new brand 'Yes We Can' is a collaboration crafted with pride to showcase the quality fruit provided by Texas winegrowers. Sway Rose is a canned Rose wine meant to be enjoyed by wine lovers from all walks of life, who are bound by a perpetual thirst for something delicious, different, convenient, and something that can proudly be shared pretty much anywhere! Sway Rose is 100% Texas grown and 100% Texas made."

Scarpetta Frico Rosso

Red wine on tap $4

Sangiovese(90%) blend, dry, everyday tuscan red wine, great food wine, Tart cherry, cranberry, plum framed with a great dried savory herb note

Scarpetta Frico Bianco

White wine on tap $4

Fruliano(20%) and Chardonnay(80%) blend, crisp, lightweight Italian wine, On the palate, this blend is crisp and clean with a zesty, white grapefruit flavor

Blue Northern

Hard Seltzer $6

Agave Lime flavor


$6 for a 12 oz

We made our own Seltzer! House made hard seltzer with your choice of flavor: Berry, Key Lime and Mango

Mighty Swell

Hard Seltzer $6

Watermelon Mint and Peach flavors

Hye Cider Stylin

8.8% ABV

From Hye Cider Company, dry and crisp drinks like a Prosecco

Hye Cider Heaven

7.5% ABV

Hye Cider Company, sweeter cider with fig and pepercorn notes

Non-Alcoholic drinks

Sodas, iced tea, sparkling water, kids juice and bottle water

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