Barbados Stout

9% ABV $5 a 6oz pour

The Barbados Tropical stout is a style that is a true reflection of where it came from. Beer exported from England to the Caribbean isles usually included pale ales and robust porters. Those styles evolved to fit the climates where they were consumed and brewers in the West Indies eventually began making use of grain and sugar sources indigenous to the islands where the beer was made. Our take on the Tropical stout is made with Sorghum, molasses, and dark brown sugar. It is slightly sweet, and has a smooth roast character. Stouts by the pool? This is the beer for you! 32 IBUs

Belgian Enkel

4.4% ABV 21 IBUs $6 a pint

Belgian monasteries have a long and storied brewing tradition with some of the most famous and flavorful Belgian beer styles originating in these Trappist monasteries. Usually the monks would make beer to consume in house or to sell locally. Many of these beers, The Dubbel, Tripel, and Quad are high alcohol, relatively intense beers. However, the monks would brew an Enkel or "single" beer for daily consumption. This lower alcohol table beer is just as flavorful as its heavyweight cousins, but will leave you coherent enough to still get things done during the day. Please enjoy this rare beer style and raise a glass to all those hard-working monks!

Brew Deck Blonde Ale

5.5 % ABV $6

A light, crisp, and refreshing ale, our blonde is brewed with American 2-row barley, Centennial and Cascade hops, and a clean fermenting ale yeast.

Ethiopian Tella

6.8% ABV, 12 IBU, $6 a pint

Tella is a traditional beverage fermented with grains that are native to the Ethiopian region. This Tella is made of Ethiopian teff flour, sorghum flour, maize, millet, barley and honey. Traditionally this beer is bittered with an herb called Gesho which lends a subtle spiciness and earthiness to the beer that hops can't quite match.

Warped Window IPA

Hazy 6.6% ABV $6 a pint

Hops used: Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra, and Galaxy.

The Hazy or New England IPA (NEIPA) has its origins in a wonderful brewery in Vermont called The Alchemist. This style pushes hops far away from their typical use as a bittering ingredient and explores the lush juicy character they can bring to a beer when added late in the fermentation process. Our Hazy has nearly 3 lbs of hops per barrel, but only 8 ounces were added during the actual boil of the beer. The rest were added during knockout and during fermentation. Hops were added during the peak of active fermentation to allow the yeast to bio-transform some of the flavor compounds into something unique, and another healthy dose was added after fermentation was complete. Cloudy by design, this beer is a juice bomb! 30 IBUs

Rosa Zoigl

5.4% ABV 20 IBUs $6 Pint

The Rosa Zoigl is the result of a collaboration brew day with the Austin area Pink Boots Society chapter. The Pink Boots is an organization that helps support and elevate women in the brewing industry; a cause near and dear to our hearts. The Zoigl itself is a Bavarian lager dry-hopped with this year's Pink Boots hop blend. Traditionally Zoigl beers are made by different brewers in the small communities where they originate and a Zoigl sign is hung outside of the person's home who has a fresh Zoigl on tap. Light and crisp yet fruity and pleasantly hopped, please enjoy our take on this historic style.

Star Party

5% ABV, 18 IBUs $6 a pint

Back in 2014 Dripping Springs was named the first international Dark Sky community in Texas meaning that our town was perfect for looking at the stars on a clear night. Our beer, Star Party, pays homage to that honor. We took a traditional spicy Belgian Wit beer and heavily dry hopped it with Australian Galaxy hops. There's no better way to spend an evening than looking at the galaxy in the sky while enjoying some Galaxy in your glass. Time to have yourself a Star Party!

Welsh Summer Beer

4.75% ABV, 25 IBUs $6 a pint

In Welsh the words "Cwrw Haf'' translate to "Summer Beer," and while that may be a mouthful to say, this beer is deceptively easy to drink. Made in the English style with premium English Malt, traditional English yeast, and a variety of hops called Sovereign grown in Wales, our Cwrw Haf would be perfectly suited for a summer evening in the Welsh countryside or a warm afternoon under some Texas live oaks. Iechyd da! (That's Welsh for "Cheers!")

Sway Rose

William Chris $6

"Winemakers Chris Brundrett, of William Chris Vineyards, and Andrew Sides, of Lost Draw Cellars, have joined forces to advance the reputation of Texas as a wine superpower! The new brand 'Yes We Can' is a collaboration crafted with pride to showcase the quality fruit provided by Texas winegrowers. Sway Rose is a canned Rose wine meant to be enjoyed by wine lovers from all walks of life, who are bound by a perpetual thirst for something delicious, different, convenient, and something that can proudly be shared pretty much anywhere! Sway Rose is 100% Texas grown and 100% Texas made."

Scarpetta Frico Rosso

Red wine on tap $4

Sangiovese(90%) blend, dry, everyday tuscan red wine, great food wine, Tart cherry, cranberry, plum framed with a great dried savory herb note

Scarpetta Frico Bianco

White wine on tap $4

Fruliano(20%) and Chardonnay(80%) blend, crisp, lightweight Italian wine, On the palate, this blend is crisp and clean with a zesty, white grapefruit flavor

Blue Northern

Hard Seltzer $6

Agave Lime flavor

Mighty Swell

Hard Seltzer $6

Watermelon Mint and Peach flavors

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