Brew Deck Blonde Ale

$8 5.5 % ABV, 15 IBU's

A light, crisp, and refreshing ale, our blonde is brewed with American 2-row barley, Centennial and Cascade hops, and a clean fermenting ale yeast.

Warped Window Hazy IPA

$8 6.6% ABV, 30 IBUs

Hops used: Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra, and Galaxy.

Thiols, linalool, geraniol and myrcene may not sound like tasty words, but they're what makes a Hazy IPA juicy and we've got the juice for sure! At nearly 3 lbs. of hops per barrel, this Hazy NEIPA is sure to satisfy those hopheads and juice lovers out there. Bright tropical fruit notes are balanced by a thoughtful malt bill and just the barest hint of grapefruit zest flavors from the different varieties of hops.

Belgian Pale Ale

$8 5.3% ABV 23 IBUs

Our Belgian Pale ale was made using only Belgian ingredients and a water profile from Brussels. The Belgian pale malt gives this beer a light flavor profile while the yeast gives it a distinct character. Paired with an assertive but not overbearing dose of noble Belgian hop varieties, this beer is a perfect for bright spring days.

Totality: Eclipse Pale Ale

$8 5.4% ABV 51 IBUs

This classic American pale ale has an abundance of west coast “C” hops. And drinkers of this particular beer will see an interesting change in the beer leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse. A tasty beer for a unique celestial event, we cant wait for you to enjoy Totality!

Greenland Cloudberry

$8 5.3% ABV 17 IBUs

Greenland isn’t known for its agriculture, but there are a couple of native berries that locals harvest annually. Black Crowberries and Cloudberries are two native Greenland fruits. Our cloudberry beer has a mix of native berries which give it a subtle cloudiness and a light tartness. Kasuutta!

Romanian Socata

$8 5.3% ABV 30 IBUs

This light refreshing summer drink is a staple in Romania during the warm months. There version is similar to a non-alcoholic tea, but we took the flavors and made them into a beer. Elderflower, orange blossom honey, and lemon peel make this an easy drinker.


Filipino Ube

$8 5.3% ABV, 24 IBUs

What started out as a pale ale quickly transformed into something unexpected and special with the addition of one unique ingredient. The Ube (OOO-BAE) sweet potato is a staple in Filipino cuisine and is renowned for not only its flavor, but its vibrant purple color. This pale ale was made with sweet potatoes and Ube to try and capture some of the character of this fascinating ingredient. Finished with juicy Rakau hops from New Zealand, this is a truly special beer.

Calamity Kolsch

5.2% ABV, 18 IBUs

Light, spritzy, and refreshing this kolsch-style ale is brewed in the strict brewing traditions of its hometown Cologne,Germany. Perfect for enjoying the warm weather.

Sway Rose

William Chris $6

"Winemakers Chris Brundrett, of William Chris Vineyards, and Andrew Sides, of Lost Draw Cellars, have joined forces to advance the reputation of Texas as a wine superpower! The new brand 'Yes We Can' is a collaboration crafted with pride to showcase the quality fruit provided by Texas winegrowers. Sway Rose is a canned Rose wine meant to be enjoyed by wine lovers from all walks of life, who are bound by a perpetual thirst for something delicious, different, convenient, and something that can proudly be shared pretty much anywhere! Sway Rose is 100% Texas grown and 100% Texas made."

Duchman Grape Growers Blend

Red wine on tap $7

Duchman Roussanne

White wine on tap $7

Roussanne has an aroma of bright lemon, unripe pears and a hint of minerality. Palate has a combination of pear, lemon-lime, and crispy acid.

Hard Seltzer Cocktail

6% ABV

We made our own Seltzer! 3 flavors to choose from: Hibiscus and Green apple, Pinapple and Ginger, Cucumber Mint and Lime.

Hye Cider Stylin

8.8% ABV

From Hye Cider Company, dry and crisp drinks like a Prosecco

Non-Alcoholic drinks

Sodas, iced tea, sparkling water, kids juice and bottled water

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