I've never been to your brewery, what should I expect?

First off.. Welcome and we are so glad you are here! 

When you first walk through the doors we have a QR code with our food/drink menu you can use with your phone or you can can walk straight up to the bar and order there. Our bartenders can walk you through the process and give you helpful tips on all of our beers and food as well as any specials we may have that day. 

After you order your food/drinks at the main bar, the bartenders will give you a blue number to place on your table. If you ordered a beer the bartenders will hand it to you at the bar so that you can take it to your table. Make sure it's in a visible spot so the food runners will run the food out to those blue numbers when it is ready. 

We have open seating inside and outside. It is first come first serve so no reservations are needed. 

Do you allow kids or dogs?

Both! We are a very family friendly establishment as you can see from the great playscape we have. The only thing we ask is that you keep a close eye on your kid and furry friends must always be on a leash. 

We do have a very safe property but it’s imperative that your child and dog are being supervised. This is to ensure everyone stays safe and has a great time. 

 Please make sure dogs are picked up after, we do have dog water bowls available by the patio. If the kiddos leave mess please be respectful of others in the area and clean up after them. 

Do you have food out there?

Yes, we have a locally sourced scratch kitchen by our head chef Andrew Lange. Please see the Menu page for our full menu. 

We have great kids items and shareable options for larger groups as well. Don’t forget the Texas Hot Chicken Sandwich it’s delish and our roasted brussel sprouts topped with, bacon, parmesan cheese and a honey balsamic glaze   

Do you offer Takeout food?

Yes, but you can only order it in house at the bar. We do not have a call-in or online ordering at this time.     

Can I bring in my own food/drinks or kids snacks?

No, but we do have amazing food options available and kid options to choose from. The only outside food we do allow is a small cake or small dessert for a birthday party. Please contact us ahead of time to let us know you are bringing this in. Our email is:  Info@fitzhuhgbrewing.com

If you have a food allergy or dietary restrictions please let the manager on duty know that you have brought in your special food for these purposes.     

Do you offer gluten free, vegetarian or vegan food options?

Yes, we do. We have several options that are gluten free or can be made gluten free. We also have a few vegetarian/vegan options. 

Just be aware our kitchen is not a 100% gluten free dedicated kitchen. 

Check out the full menu on the main page for these Items.   

Is your beer made onsite or local?

It sure is! Nathan Rice, our head brewer, makes regional and worldly beers inspired from from numerous countries. Old world recipes re-made for a modern crowd give beer aficionados and beer newbies a like a new take on the craft beer movement. Nathan is always working on the next great worldly beer and adding his own twist to it.    

What other drinks do you have?

We love to support local so all of our wine, cider and hard seltzers come from local Austin companies or from surrounding cities such as Hye, Tx. Check out of our full drinks menu on the main page.     

Can I have my kids birthday party out here or bring in a large group?

Yes, we have had large group gatherings for celebrations. Normally the group hosting the party will grab a few tables outside in the beer garden, open up a tab at the inside bar for guests to order off of. 

All food/drinks must be ordered at the main bar. After ordering the bartender will give you a blue table number to put on a very visible spot on your table. The food runners will run the food out to that table. 

No outside food/drinks are allowed accept a small dessert. Any large decor or party entertainers must be pre-approved by management, please email Info@fitzhughbrewing.com if you want to host a large event/party here.

Can I have a private event out here like a wedding rehearsal etc?

Yes, but only during the week, Monday-Friday. We do not offer any private catered events on the weekends. If you would like info about a private catered event during the week please email us at info@fitzhughbrewing.com to get more details and pricing.     

Do you allow party buses?

Yes, we do! 

After dropping your group off we do ask that they park in the top part of the parking lot or off to one of the sides where they won’t block any exit lanes.     

What should I do if I have a problem with my order or service?

While we do strive to give you the best service possible and get your food/drinks to you in a very timely manner we do realize sometimes mistakes are made. If your food does not come out to your satisfaction, please come let one of the managers know immediately. 

We will try to rectify the problem and make it right for you as soon as we find out. We want everyone to walk out of the brewery with a smile on their face and a belly full of great food and drinks wanting to come back soon. 

We never want anyone to leave unhappy with the product or service we have provided. 

Bottom line:  We want to know how we can make your experience the best you have had at a brewery. We love hearing from our patrons.  

Anything else you need me to know before I head to Fitzhugh Brewing?

We truly love all of our customers! We want to provide a fun, safe environment for everyone. We put a lot of heart and soul in the products and service we provide. 

 We are happy to have you here and hope to keep you coming back. We only ask that parents be aware of their kids, their dogs and themselves so that EVERYONE can have a great time at Fitzhugh Brewing. 

Can I rent tables for my larger party?

Yes, we now offer limited table rentals on the weekends out in the beer garden area for larger parties. It's $40 a table and normally it's for groups of 20-50 guests. This is not a reservation nor do we require reservations, our tables are normally first come first serve. Please email info@fitzhughbrewing.com to inquire further about table rental and how you would go about booking this. 

What else is their to do in Dripping Springs

Can I bring in my personal adult sized water bottle?

Unfortunately we are now asking everyone to please not bring In their Yeti cups, large water bottles, Stanley Cups etc. anymore. We have had problems with people sneaking in alcohol onto the premises and this is against TABC rules. Kids sippie cups or bottles are fine to bring in but nothing larger than that. We do provide multiple FREE water stations with cups next to them for you to use at anytime. Thank you for your understanding with this new rule change.